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Melissa Wittenborn
Professional Speaker, Author

Getting back to nature. Getting back to success...

  • Self-Esteem For Stronger Teams
  • Greening the Mind for Success
  • Self Love Before Selfless Love
  • Embracing Health Challenges to Improve Health
  • Red Hot to Green Self-Esteem
  • Releasing the Pressure Valves of Stress
  • Green Self-Esteem for Red Hot Success
  • Feed the Mind/Feed the Body
  • Making Health a Priority
  • Greening Through Divorce
  • Greening Through Family Relationships
  • Red Hot Race for Championship Mindset
  • New Year/New You
  • Going Native/Going Wild


  • What’s Cash Flow?
  • $aving Money Using QuickBooks
  • How to Streamline Business to Maximize Profitability
  • Health Coaching
  • Weight Loss Coaching
  • Emotional Health Coaching
  • Accountability Coaching for Success
  • Coaching for Bullies

(All talks are customized for the audience and client--No "CANNED" talks ever given!)


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Going Green With Your Self Esteem

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What Melissa’s customers are saying:

"Melissa's help with my 12 year old daughter's self-esteem was amazing. After just a few hours with her, she had renewed self confidence and her grades are demonstrating that."
– Nicole

– Lila, Catapult Learning Center

"Melissa is always able to counsel me and get me looking on the bright side of life when I feel defeated. Her optimistic outlook on any challenges I have is engaging and entertaining."
– Anonymous

"Made my life challenges insignificant, compared to what might have been!"
– Bob, Retired from Marriott Corporation

"It is more meaningful learning how to improve self-esteem from someone who has struggled with self-esteem during her life."
– Jillian, Catapult Learning Center

"If you ever feel down on yourself, get a grip by listening to Melissa!"
– Pam, Catapult Learning Center

(Melissa taught us that) "Self-esteem is a mindset."
– Bill, Catapult Learning Center

"Melissa's personal story she shared was inspiring and (has) pushed me to want to achieve more in my own life."
– Erica, Catapult Learning Center

– Linda, LBJ's Counseling Services

"Extremely motivational. Sharing (her) life's story was moving."
– Karen, Director, Catapult Learning

"Don't go away (with life's challenges) mad, just go away."
– Reisha, Reisha Photography

"Melissa was wonderful, education and highly informative. I want to hear more!"
– Debra, Incapital, LLC @ IAAP Chicago Lake Shore Event

"Melissa is optimism in every ounce of her being. She makes me feel upbeat & that I can accomplish anything."
Crystal, President, Chicago Lake Shore Chapter of IAAP

"(Melissa's talk was about) Increasing your potential."
– Sherry, Prairie State College @ IAAP Chicago Lake Shore Event

"You (Melissa) are one of the most inspiring people I've met!"
–Janice @ IAAP Chicago Lake Shore Event

"(Melissa helped me to know about) Recycling a positive attitude."
– Esther, Illinois Recycling Association @ IAAP Chicago Lake Shore Event

After Melissa's talk James of University of Chicago said,
"I felt a change; subtle and profound. It came at a good time. I am glad I was here."
@ IAAP Chicago Lake Shore Event

"I'm leaving tonight ready to redirect my thought(s), life, and the words that I speak!"
– Nancy, University of Chicago Medical Center, @ IAAP Chicago Lake Shore Event

(I learned how to) "Engage, connect & embrace."
– Daisy, JP Morgan Chase & Co. @ IAAP Chicago Lake Shore Event

"Melissa was very energetic and positive. She gave everyone a conceptual way to grow self-esteem."

"Everyone benefits from using the positive findings she (Melissa) advocates. What a better world we'd have if we all felt this way."
– Susan--Elgin Community College

"This was an inspirational seminar that reminded me of some simple truths."
– Jessi, Elgin Community College

"Every day is a new beginning."
– Zach, Porters Publishing

"After Melissa Wittenborn's presentation, I wanted to give her a hug & thank her. Such an INSPIRATION!"
– Gabriela, Elgin Community College

"I was having a 'yuck' day prior to the semninar and left feeling so much better."
– Sharon, DSM Functional Materials

"I just want to say that you (Melissa) have been one of the best uplifting speakers I have ever met."
– Corey, Elgin Community College

"You inspire me by your story and your imppeccable drive."
– Lauren, Student, Elgin Community College

"Very inspirational & I'm ready to be more positive."
– Jill from Caregiver's Symposium

"The presentation was so heart warming and inspirational!"
– Jan, Presence St. Joseph Medical Center Foundation

"Be good to yourself so you can be better for someone else."
– Jo Renee, Premier H.H. C.

– LeAnn, Cart Provider

" I am not alone!" in caring for my loved one.
– Denise

Melissa is THE most optimistic, positive person I have ever met. She makes me feel empowered and loved every time I am around her or speak with her. She has coached me through some rough times and I always come out on the better side of things! ~Thank you!!!

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